Wednesday, August 11, 2010

1. Friendly online chat with seller... we could ask directly about items and getting know with the seller.
2. We could make an Offer! :) yes.... we could enter our price offer to seller, and usually we ended up getting discount (seller loves multiple purchase, so try to look around on all stuff on their booth.
3. There are Plenty of Handpicked Selections With Special Theme this would help us as a guide while we browsing around. We could find interesting piece as present Ex:
4. Try Bonanzle Event Everybody loves SALE.... as a buyer we could target upcoming Bonanza items which will automaticly discounted with variation number. It's like an online yard sale you wouldn't missed.
5. Find Updates on Twitter while we are not browsing on the Bonanzle site, we could received any updates or sale via Twitter, the link option on Bonanzle stuff let the seller to tweet easily anytime.