Saturday, January 31, 2009



Size package: 140x160 mm
You will receive very cute set of stamp with lovely colors and animal logo on it. There is many different kind of stamp with cute animal pattern and greetings like:
- happy
- love
- good!
- thanks
- smile
- memo....etc
The stamp is basic rubber stamp and also 1 big roller stamp with bonus stickers on it.
Suitable to use for scrapbooking, card making, or any other crafty projects that you could think of.
Designed by Korea

Thursday, January 29, 2009

 jesus2 jesus

“Changes is a must,because without changes we will through death. We must change to be better in every way so the world blessed by our presence”

(Rome 12:2)

“If we learn to handle every difficult with right way, so God will change that difficult into stepping stone to raise and promote us in the end”

(Jacob 1:22)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

This is 6 years old me among local dayak people in borneo island (primitive culture exhibition)
although i am bit afraid at first (they have very long ears and reminds me of wizard) they are very nice and friendly people. Their culture is amazing, the dance, the craft,the jewelry,the music instrument very unique and exotic :)







In borneo island ind0nesia, beads have played a very important role in the culture of the natives. The Kayan, Kenyah ect. (Orang Dayak) believed beads possess spiritual power and are used in healing rituals and weddings, funerals ceremonies. Borneo beads are really unique.It is also the symbol of the wealth and status of the owner. They are handmade and this one is an original borneo necklace which is over than 30 years old.

The beads stone material is like mix of porcelain,glass,nature stone and river stone, its rough and bit rusty. The colors is mix of very ethnic colors like black,yellow,green,red and gold. Its very rare and exotic beads.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Very Cute Mix Set Colorful Fun Stickers Sweet Foods And Baby Stuff
Size Sticker Sheet: 70x215 mm

You will receive 2 pcs different types of stickers.
The first one is cute baby stuff like toys,ball,rubber duck,...etc (Perfect choice for baby gift project)
The second one is sweet food like dessert such as milk,coke,ice cream,candy,...etc.

Great choice for summer holiday project scrapbooking, card making,gift wrapping or any other crafts that you can think of.

Very Cute Mix Set Colorful Fun Stickers Exotic Summer Beach Holidays And Kawaii Square Japanese Cartoon Smile Face

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Its a family movie :) well its pretty entertaining...i watch on cinema and not fall to sleep...
the story is simple, the point is about your dreams coming true in real life. In my opinion this movie is much much better than Don't Mess With The Zohan ( its terrible....)
i hope adam makes more romantic comedy like wedding planner or chuck and larry
What adam sandler movies you like? (sorry i am bit movies addicted lol )

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Very exotic sea shell pendant. Its made from original shell from bali which combined with glass fiber and resin on it, the result is bright,colorful and very exotic design of pendant which remind us the beach and the sand.

Its very suitable for necklace or key chain pendant for summer design.

The blue color is darker than in the picture, there is already a hole for chain or string on the top.
i really loves this pendant &hearts :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lovely Cute Kawaii Baby Pink Hello Kitty Mechanical Pencil
Height: 160 mm
length: 10 mm

You will receive 1 pc mechanical pencil which made from stainless steel and plastic. The color is cute baby pink with hello kitty printed design on it, there is pink hello kitty crystal shape on top of it with mini pink heart charm.
You could use it for drawing, scrapbooking, writting or any other crafty projects that you could think of.
A great choice collection for hello kitty lover's and fans out there.

I never read the novel before but a couple weeks ago i watch the movie in cinema... i found it pretty good movie actually, the story is very romantic and one thing i love about this movie is edward is soo cute :) he is the perfect choice for this part!
i am looking forward for the next movie, because i want to know the ending... just like harry potter twilight also have more than 2 episodes ( if i am not wrong there is 4 of them).
i hope bella and edward together and got their happy ending.... i hate movie with sad ending, makes me feel uneasy. if you have any comment about this movie don't hesitate to share :)
(give me spoiler if you read the novels lol )

Monday, January 19, 2009

Size: 85x105 mm
made in korea

Very cute and handy memo book which easy to carry around and carry on the bag. The cover is pink base with many sweets dessert print on it like milk shake, green tea,ice cream,...etc
The paper inside is stripped and fancy. Lovely and you can use it for writing short memo, for scrapbooking, collage, decoration, paper craft or any other projects that you can think of.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cute Kawaii DIY Japanese Food Sushi Miniature Felt Mascot

Size Box: 95x70x140 mm

You will receive very cute DIY Japanese Food Sushi Miniature Felt with 6 types of food:
- Roe sushi
- Egg sushi
- Fish sushi
- Shrimp sushi
- Salmon Sushi
- Laver Roll
Looks very yummy and cute decoration craft :)

SALE Very Cute DIY Kawaii Paper Craft Folding Star - Blue Teddy Bear Gift Box

Size: 45x60 mm
Contains: 8 types design of Glowing and shiny paper craft folding.There is instruction drawing on the box "how to make star"

You will receive this blue cute box with 8 different paper carft folding inside, used for making star craft.
- green hearts pattern
- just for you orange
- blue stars on silver
- miss you yellow
- good luck purple
- love you blue
- pink hearts
- good luck green

Traditionally this origami paper strips is used to make stars which believe can bring a luck in our life, just put or fill it in a glass bottle for good luck (also could use as filling on gift package!)
This origami paper is very fun and suitable for any other crafty projects that you could think of :)

NEW Special Very Cute Kawaii Korean Origami Memo Paper DIY Mix Set Of Cute Animal Different Design II

Size: 125x185 mm

You will receive very cute origami memo with many kind of different animal design which is very cute and kawaii.
There is cat,mouse,rose,fish,boxes,..etc all very colorful and fun to do it yourself :)
These are perfect for scrapbooking, collage or any project you can think of!


Size Packaging : 35x125 mm
Contains: 12 different types of stamp

You will receive very cute set of wooden stamp which include sticker,wood,rubber stamp and ink with greetings like:
- Study Hard
- Fun
- Best Friend
- Girl
- D-day
- Take out....etc

♥ This mini stamp set is very fun and lovely,wonderful for your paper craft,scrapbooking or any other gift project you could think of :)

Just sold and relisted!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This is my dog Kero , she is wearing red ji bao or traditional chinese clothes which my mom buy for her...she looks very cute right? now you know what i do on my spare or free time :) lol
yes i play with my dog or try to change their look everyday .....(sometimes it would make stressed away)
in the past on my chilhood chinese new year is the best holiday ever, because me and my sisters and cousins will got red cute envelope with money in it from our big families :)
but since i already grow up and consider as adult i never receive it again.
when i get merried that would be my turn to give red envelope with money in it to my nephew and niece. Its a chinese tradition to celebrate new year with share red envelope, its like a symbol of prosperity and believed will bring lucks in life.

Sparkle Bright Bling Bling Silver Diamond Crystal LOVE Letter With Heart Pendant For Valentine

Size: around 10 mm each
The side hole is about 8-9 mm

Sparkle Bright Bling Bling Silver Diamond Crystal LOVE Heart Pendant For Valentine Day

crystal bling heart: 10x11 mm
The side hole is about 8-9 mm
Red Heart: 15x16 mm

You will receive bling bling love letter with heart pendant.
The love letter is made from bling bling white crystal and silver stainless steel. This pretty and cute pendant is suitable and great choice for bracelet or necklace charms, just put it from side of the bracelet belt or skin rope.
Great supplies selections on valentines day :)
Love is in the your feelings...

Simple Antique Cooper Bronze Chandelier Earrings Base Findings Set Of 6 With 6 Loops

Size: 20x20 mm

You will receive 6 pieces of antique and exotic earrings finding with 6 loops on it. Very suitable for all earrings design such as ethnic,exotic and chic design. Match with small bold beads colors,pearl or crystal.

New Antique Diagonal Filigree Bronze Earrings Base Findings Charm Set Of 6

Size: 25x35 mm

You will receive 6 pieces of elegant and antique diagonal shape earrings base findings. The pattern is exotic and ethnic with 6 loops on it. Suitable for all earrings design project.

Special Antique Valentine Love Heart Chandelier Finding Earrings Base Bronze Pendant 28x37 mm Set Of 2

Size: 28x37 mm

You will receive 2 pcs of lovely heart earrings pendant. The color is elegant bronze with heart shape and 6 loops on it. Very suitable for romantic jewelry design.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Drunken Card, mafia cat and cute cat :)

Romantic and Feminine European Gold Metal Twins Heart Chandelier Earrings With Pink Swarovski Crystal
Height about 50 mm

beautiful and gorgeous chandelier earrings. With gold twins heart base and romantic pink and purple austrian swarovski crystal this earrings would be a perfect choice for a dinner date. Just match it with your pink or purple dress :)

♥ ♥ You will receive a FREE Colorful Decorative Jewelry Bamboo Box as a promo gift :)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Just want to share with all you guys about giveaway blog :)
her name is victoria and here is what she give.. click here for more infos about her blog

* All THREE of my new release cling cushion rubber stamps: Kitty (shown below), Steal A Kiss and Angel on the Moon

* A package of white card stock with envelopes

* A package of 24 quilted heart stickers

* 23 small puffy heart stickers

* Cat sticky ribbon

* 8 sticky bling-bling heart jewels

* A package of flower accents

* A 5"x7" double matted Original illustration called "The Stamping Queen" drawn by yours truly (as a little thank you).

How do you get it?

* simply put a note on your blog telling everyone about this blog candy and put a link to this post.

* then leave a comment on this post.

This candy give-away is open to ALL worldwide!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Are you origami lover? do you like DIY craft project? looking for a cute gift for children?
Here is the one of options for you :)

Size paper stripe: 10x250 mm each
very cute colorful mix and design of DIY (do it yourself) origami star paper strips. There is 10 types paper design and colors with several pcs paper each design. The cartoon is japanese famous monokuro boo a very sweet and cute piggie.
Traditionally this origami paper strips is used to make stars which believe can bring a luck in our life, just put or fill it in a glass bottle for good luck (also could use as filling on gift package!)
This origami paper is very fun and suitable for any other crafty projects that you could think of :)
use them as beads (cute project for both adults and kids!)
This set Origami Good Luck Stars could be found at my 2nd shop HodJewelry

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This is the view from borneo island apartment, i take this picture while i looking and browse this beautiful apartment for invest. The price is very high for the apartment size but i can tell you the view is do worthy...i can imagine myself watching sunset and sunrise from the balcony .... the wind so calm and i could hear the ocean water sound.... hmm makes me really really consider it as investment in future...

Monday, January 5, 2009

Today i am gonna introduce you to one of jewelry artist from etsy :) her name is linda and she made many great jewelry with stones. She is very nice fellow etsy and got wonderful blog (which i followed) at
From her profile i knew she likes to bead, using a a combination of gemstones, glass, sterling silver and pewter to make the pieces affordable. She love bold colors and you can see that on her creations. I upload some photos from my favorite things on her shop like this

Purple Dot Pink Tourmaline Pendant Set

its very gorgeous and the more you look at it the more you want it, the colors combination is not like general jewelry but it's looks good and for only $ 45 you could get a set of necklace and earrings which match.
The second jewelry i like is this stunning

Paris at Night Black Clear Beaded Pendant Necklace

i love black and white combination colors and i think this jewelry set is elegant, looks antique and also romantic. I would love to wear it with black or grey dress at night!
The third jewelry is

Golden Blue Cloisonne Czech Earrings

Its very lovely and feminine, the bold blue color is calm and looks fancy. I wish i have blue or green eyes, i bet will looks good and cool.
I think what i can say about linda store in 3 words it would be elegant...bold....and feminine (lovely!). Thanks for looking!