Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Size: 125x185 mm

very cute origami memo with many kind of different animal design which is very cute and kawaii.
There is cat,mouse,rose,fish,boxes,..etc all very colorful and fun to do it yourself :)
These are perfect for scrapbooking, collage or any project you can think of!

Size sheet: 145x190 mm

You will receive very cute and pretty DIY photo frame with felt material. The complete material is inside and there is direction paper how to make it by your self.The result would be a very sweet red photo frame with burgers and flowers on it :)

Happy New Year 2009!
Wish you all many happiness and success :)
i have wonderful suprise in the end of this month, my sh0p do pretty well and i have new enlightenment in my life and i feel so lucky... its time to move on, forget and leave the past behind since its become history, we life in a present day and pursuit our future which is full of hope.... may this year making our life better.

Monday, December 29, 2008

This is Bee, she is my lovely and cute dog :)

Whenever my little sister hug her.....

Squeese her really really tight....

She doesn't mind... that's why they are Best Friend Forever :)

If you looking for some unique and exotic valentine gift or present for start you could see this beautiful bamboo jewelry box. Yes, its is made by hand and through webbing procesed it turn into mini boxes for small or tiny things container. Its also could use as a gift wrapping.
The size is about 60x60x60 mm
You could receive 4 pieces with price only $ 15 and shipping cost $ 5 to everywhere (i ship international! )

Valentine is always connect with love symbol or heart shape, luckily i found these beautiful and gorgeous red millefiori heart shape beads which size is about 15 mm. Jewelry maker should using this kind of beads on valentine day for their project...because its very 'valentine' if you know what i mean :)
i bet this one would be turns into great earrings,bracelet or necklace.

These simple and silver arrow hearts cupid toggle clasp also one of a good selections for valentine day, it would make your jewelry looks more romantic and lovely!

Looking for romantic charm?
use this beautiful and gorgeous silver love heart filigree shaped charm
the size is about 20 mm you could have it for only $ 5.5 make your jewelry look feminine and sweet.

And last but not least, i show you this simple love letter charm.
the size about 8x20 mm.

I hope you enjoyed this and could inspires you to make a great and wonderful jewelry... i know its an important thing to look and search the right supplies on your jewelry making process.

you could see more at here.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Are you pink lover?
well i have to admit i do... there is couple many pink items on my etsy shop and i want to share it with you..
First i have this gorgeous vintage style classic cameo lady victoria pendant its very romantic and feminine. The tea rose pink color is very soft and will make a great brooch or necklace.
i fall in love with this pendant at first look and i hope it will up on treasury or front page :)
Second is this lovely oval emerge latin letters pendant and beads, Its very romantic and could be as best choice of valentine supplies and turn it into necklace. It would be looks great by combine it with black or white colors material.
The material is made from aclyric,resin,polymer
The pendant is about 30x50 mm
The beads is about 28x18 mm

Third i want to show you lovely rose crystal beads. Its very bright
and clear,size about 10 mm. its very suitable for romantic jewelry

Friday, December 26, 2008

Today i wanna introduce you all with one of my lovely customer:
PeaceImages her name is camille :)
she is one of talented jewelry artist and i decide to add of 2 my favourite jewelry from her store to be featured.
As you can see at the left picture is peacock earrings, this lovely earrings is very natural and i bet will look good with the right outfit, i suggest (white or blue outfit).
And the on the right picture you could see why i like these earrings; its A fresh leaf pressed against a coconut shell, with a Bali bead and oxidized sterling silver ear wire. very similar with original leaf (naturally).
the green color is amazing and very suitable for autumn season. I think its a great choice for someone who is earthy,love nature and fashionholic :)
The price also very reasonable: only around $ 20-30

thanks for looking!

At first, before i am in love with jewelry making i also interest with exotic tribal art. Well since i live in borneo, i found it so many gorgeous arts like this wooden statue on the right. Its a "Hudoq" dragon dog god statue with vintage look.
Its very artistic and mysterious,the shape is natural handmade by dayak tribe. actually this statue is a box which you could put anything in it (like cigar). and it has a rope to carry like a bag...
I try to sell it on ebay for $ 85 with free shipping twice...and its not sold (probably because i am still new seller and have no feedback seller) So this ethnic piece is still waiting for someone who really appreciate and love art especially tribal art. The condition is really good at it is except for the inside beneath box is bit rustic.
I would love to make best offer just let me know!

Here is an Exotic Piece of Art called traditional "Hudoq" or dragon dog from borneo's culture in the form of a single piece wooden sculpture for those who have a real taste of rare and unique stuff.

This beautiful handmade wooden container is made from a single piece of wood. At glance it looks like TIKI sym
bol but its original dayak culture from borneo island.

Beside as a collectible sculpture or home decoration, this item also function as container or placed & has a rope to carry like bag.

Condition: good (except the bottom inside unpolished and bit rustic)

Weight: approx 550 Gram

Height : 9,36 inches
Width : 3,12 inches

Length : 5,46 inches

Just let me know if you intereseted! :)


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Just listed these beautiful and cute kawaii stickers :)
You could receive 6 pieces of very cute japanese stickers with pictures of :
- cute panda with bottle
- pink kitty cat
- strawberry girl
- bath tub bunny
- lovely cooking rabbits
- and sleepy purple cat

Very suitable for scrapbooking, card making or any other crafts that you can think of.
Also quick and easy to apply,safe and non toxic for use with everything else including gadget stuff.
size sticker sheet: 45x75 mm

NEW Edition Japanese Kawaii Harajuku Style Stickers Set Mix Of Cute Skull Love Pirates

Size sticker sheet: 90x195 mm

You will receive cool and cute skull models stickers of harajuku style. The skulls model is with love hearts,pirates,flower,stripes,crown,...etc.
Very suitable for scrapbooking, card making or any other crafts that you can think of.

Ho...ho..ho merry christmas all :)
i wanna thanks to God for this wonderful year and for all etsy community who have been very nice and helpful to me... i am sure next year is gonna be wonderful and great opportunity for many of us. doesn't matter how is the international economy condition at the moment i am sure we are blessed...


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Do you love Scottish Terriers? well..this artist does :)
i never meet her in person but after read her profile i could feel she also loves dog (like me!) which a good thing.
If you never see her shop at etsy you should stopping by at Gibscot
her name is Liz and she is from San Fransisco... she is very nice buyer for me and you could find many kinds pretty jewelry stones at her shop.
My favorite from her shop would be this stunning set of red rubies jewelry i like the color and the tiny earrings thing on it just make it look cute and sweet (oh and its also on SALE 50 % Off!) i bet it will looks good on black or red dress ...
I have pretty red coral beads at my etsy supplies shop like on the right picture, i found the color similar with the necklace and i love it....maybe i am bit obsessed with color :)

Hello again :)
its almost Christmas time and i am so exciting since this is the first time i featured etsy fellow.
i just want to introduce you with one talented jewelry artist on etsy and also my great customer anneliese... she is already joined etsy since 2007 and clearly have quiet many customer base ( you could see it on the sales record).
There is so many great stuff on her shop but i fall in luv with this beautiful ruby necklace...the title is Halle Berry instead of Holly Berry (what a smart idea!) so its just draw my attention and i like the combination color and green..perfect choice for christmas!
I wish someone give me a present like this piece :D

Monday, December 22, 2008

Hi etsy fellow! just want to give some hints that's help to maintain your shop. Come and join at Etsy Forum with title lets score your shop! i began to start this thread july 2008 and its going strong,popular and many followers, because in this thread you could score the shop above you with scale from 1 to 10 (best) based on:
So many shop has been score and i feel it do helps many seller to fix and make the shop looks great :) this also really helps new etsy seller. already more than 7000 posts so far! are you ready to get some feedback on your shop?

Vintage style is never die, its very classic but also classy. Many vintage lover hunting for unique stuff from clothes,shoes,bags and also jewelry. The fact that many celebrity superstar like to wear them prove the existance of this gorgeous style. Example like Angelina Jolie who has nerve to show up on red carpet wearing vintage black dress cost only $ 26 and she admit it to the journalists! (she is so cool!)
With a perfect fashion clothes in this modern era, we don't have to wearing old big victorian clothes (antique) but instead we could wear any fashion designer brand nowadays like this little black dress it could match with the necklace and give a classy victorian touch. The dress could be cost more than $ 100 but the necklace is only $ 9.5
that's what i call the look for less :)

Here is some new experience i want to share with everyone... after usually promote on Flickr,Indiepublic,Facebook,Myspace and so on i found new place to promote my jewelry shop. The site called StyleHive...its like a site to connecting stylish people, so there is plenty of fashion and accesories lovers community there :)
The best thing about it you could create and save your Hive (some Bookmark) about your product and follow or to be followed by other member. This is a great place to promote for you who have some fashion clothes,shoes,bags,accesories and jewelry...antyhing fashion will do!
I love the site not only to promote my shop, but also it really show plenty of fashion stuff which is really really cool and sometimes with a great price...If you want to look or join you could check my Hive

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hi all... just want to write a bit about myself :)
this is me (0n the left) with pink dress on my engagement party with my best friend diana.
We has been BFF since childhood and it looks like we are gonna stay for good in our hometown borneo. Let see...hmm...what can i say about myself? i am from ind0nesia and i love to do online selling and buying (which makes me a geeks because i am on front of computer all the time!) i love to create and design jewelry (my new passion) and already ship to worlwide like australia,US,UK and Canada.

I love dogs and has a dog named Bee, she is so cute and adorable! always been loyal and entertain to me , can't imagine live in my house without her around...its always good to have buddy who follow you around and make you not lonely :)

I am sorry if my english grammar is miserable :0 ...i hope you are not dizzy reading it lol

God bless

This amazing colorful beads is my hot sales so far... i think its because the colors blends which is like rainbow. The proportion and combination colors is very bright and clear.
My customer loves this because so many color in it which makes them easier to combine with many kind colors of materials. Round shape and 11 mm diameter lampwork glass matererial would be perfect as necklace,bracelet or of my customer even use it as glass wine beaded marks so peoples drink glass won't mistaken :) what a clever idea!

Millefiori means thousand of flowers, the beads is beautiful and colorful like this lovely heart beads!
I think its a perfect material choice for jewelry makers on valentines day :)

Found it here