Thursday, April 16, 2009


I remember watching Oprah show about valentine day and can’t hold my tears when Oogi a big dog with only one ear and broken face enter the studio…it was very a touching moment, to me its show that whatever happened in this world even the bad and evil things there is still hope and kindness among us. Oogi’s master (the family who adopt him) is so kind and give their heart  with unconditional love. And i think Oogi is my hero…… and the reason i remember about Oogi is because this sweet photo…..


Just a coincidence i found this cute photo at Bonanzle :)

This is exactly perfect example of love and kindness in this world…even the dog and cat can live in peace side by side. Did you see how tiny the kitty?? imagine how big the dog and the fact he licks with tenderness….. ooohh i love this pic, just want to share with all of you :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Could uses as curtain material,wall decor material,wall hanging material,frame painted material,table cloth material,etc.

Product Specification/Models
- 100% Rayon No.1 Quality
- Fabric Paint
- No Fringe
- Hand painted
- Size approx 1.2 x 1.7 yard

the back and front is the same picture and same color.

Friday, April 10, 2009





Size: 150x210 mm
weight: 350 grams

You will receive very unique and cute crazy panda note book, its korean design with several types deign paper inside. cool choices for your works or study books.

New and covered with plastic


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

TYPE: Wooden Ashtray
Color: Natural Brown (wood)
Texture: Kayu Ulin/Full Borneo Ironwood


Weight: Approx 800 gram
Height: Approx 3,94 inch / 0.32 feet / 10 cm
Length: Approx 11,02 inch / 0.91 feet / 28 cm
Wide: Approx 5,12 inch / 0,42 feet / 13 cm


Beautiful hand made ironwood bowl. Look at the lovely Motif and designs it makes! its very lovely as collectibles or your home interior.

- New & Good condition
- High quality natural wood
- wood: Full borneo ironwood or "kayu ulin"


Weight: Approx 400 gram

Height: Approx 2,36 inch / 0,19 feet / 6 cm
Length: Approx 9,84 inch / 0,81 feet / 25 cm
Wide: Approx 5,91 inch / 0,49 feet / 15 cm


This exotic & gorgeous wooden bird is one of the Borneo's Island famous symbol which refer to 'Enggang' or Hornbill bird. Hand carved, made by high quality wood & has function as placed or container. If you looking for unique and beautiful decoration for home, this is the right choice!

Length: 20.47 inch/52 cm
Wide : 6.3 inch/16 cm
Height : 7 inch/18 cm

Weight : approx 2200 gram


Tuesday, April 7, 2009





Netto 250 gr

You will receive greatest and famous indonesian pure coffee beans with strong and rich Kalosi Toraja flavour. Excelso is made from highly selected coffee beans,picked from professionally cultivated plantations. They are particularly roasted and blended to produce lavish and excellent flavor.

Excelso is packed in an airtight bag with a one way air valve that guarantees the freshness of the coffee beans by evaporating excess natural gas.

Produced by PT Santos Jaya Abadi Indonesia.

Expired : 17 january 2010

Monday, April 6, 2009


Size: Adult   $ 14

For SALE at BOnanZle – New Listed

Very cute pink and fluffy flip flop hello kitty cat. very adorable and lovely…its wrapped with plastic and in new condition.

Hello Kitty RULES! :)