Thursday, April 16, 2009


I remember watching Oprah show about valentine day and can’t hold my tears when Oogi a big dog with only one ear and broken face enter the studio…it was very a touching moment, to me its show that whatever happened in this world even the bad and evil things there is still hope and kindness among us. Oogi’s master (the family who adopt him) is so kind and give their heart  with unconditional love. And i think Oogi is my hero…… and the reason i remember about Oogi is because this sweet photo…..


Just a coincidence i found this cute photo at Bonanzle :)

This is exactly perfect example of love and kindness in this world…even the dog and cat can live in peace side by side. Did you see how tiny the kitty?? imagine how big the dog and the fact he licks with tenderness….. ooohh i love this pic, just want to share with all of you :)


Jen said...

That is really sweet! Thanks for sharing it!

Glitzer said...

This is cute! I love dogs!!!

Sand'art said...

They are so cute together!! Oogi looks so kind and friendly!