Thursday, February 5, 2009


This is the center of the town….hotels,plaza,cinema,KFC,Pizza


This is Teritip crocodile sanctuary, the place for over 3000 crocodile with kinds of species.

balikpapan 2

The beach on the back side of the mall

balikpapan 4

deck on the side of caffe, very beautiful and windy


Borneo tribe people in the deep forest, their religion is christian even they still trust on animism (ritual to ancient ancestor)


This is the bridge on the center of borneo forest, this place is very popular among tourist and adventorous traveler. The height is about …well just figured yourself. the bridge is on the tallest and biggest tree so we could see amazing views from the top. i never crossed it (i am bit afraid of height >__<  )


Julia roberts has come to visit wain river, the center of orangutan facility (see it on discovery channel)


Cate Holst said...

Wow, what a place to live!

Black Rose said...

It looks a beautiful place to explore!