Thursday, February 26, 2009

Packing Tips


Books are heavy to ship. Wrap the book in bubble wrap or cardboard to cushion the corners against damage. Enclose in a plastic bag or shrink wrap to protect against water damage. Padded envelopes work well for single books; use traditional boxes for multiple-book shipments.


Use padded or bubble wrap envelopes sized for CDs.


For single or smaller items, Tyvek envelopes are ideal.

Computer parts

When shipping circuit boards, video cards, memory chips, and so on, pad the item well and pack it in an Electro Static Discharge (ESD) bag to prevent damaging static buildup. Don't use peanuts for filler—all that Styrofoam can carry a damaging static charge.

Consumer electronics

Remove the batteries before you ship; wrap and place the batteries next to the items in the shipping container.


Use padded or bubble wrap envelopes sized for DVDs. Can ship via Media Mail, although First Class is sometimes just as cheap.

Framed artwork/pictures

Take the glass out of the frame and wrap it separately. Do not let artwork come in direct contact with paper or cardboard. Enclose photographs in plastic bag to protect against wetness.

Glassware and vases

Stuff hollow items with newspaper, tissue paper, or other packing material; this provides an extra level of cushioning in case of rough handling. Wrap items in tissue paper, bubble wrap, or foam padding. Use masking tape to affix cut-off paper towel rolls to spouts and handles. Allow at least 3" of cushioning around the item in the box; consider double boxing.

Jars and items with lids

Either separate the lid from the base with several layers of bubble wrap or tissue paper or (better still) pack the lid in a separate small box.


Use a standard size box that won't draw attention to itself. Do not label the box as to its contents. Insure the package appropriately.

Magazines and comics

Wrap in some sort of plastic bag or wrap to protect against wetness in shipment.


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