Wednesday, January 4, 2012

NEW Stunning Bali Original Fish Resin Sea Shell Pendant Decorative

Such a unique and beautiful design of shell which combined with colorful resin makes these gorgeous shell looks stunning and elegant.... the looks would remind you the summer season and the beach.
These shell are cautious handmade with real original shell so each piece are not exactly the same, Linkit has choices color of blue,red,pink,green,yellow and purple.
You could use these shells as:
- Jewelry pendant, charm (you could drill the hole on it or glue it)
- Keychain
- scrapbooking project as embellishment
- Fashion embellishment on bag, hat, shoes,...etc
- ornament piece on your craft project such as mirror edge, tissue box, accessories box, filling, souvenir, glass filling,....and any other project you could think of :)