Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Frangipani or Plumeria is a popular, tropical flower that symbolize shelter and protection. Its also represent perfection, blossoming into five-petal pinwheel shapes in white, vibrant shades of crimson, rosy-pink, yellow and diverse color combinations. Frangipani flowers summon subliminal feelings of peace and tranquility.
With the present of unique and gorgeous foam artificial flower handmade from Bali, i try to expose the usefulness of these flower which not only as your handmade craft supplies but also for business opportunity :)
The foam artificial flower are elastic, light and has beautiful color. When you hold it its feels like sponge and very look alike with the original flower.
So what you can do with these cute and beautiful flowers? here is some of the ideas you could look through....

1. Hair piece
Its very common and plenty of pretty creative design such as hair pin, headband, hair bun, bandana,....etc

2. Jewelry and Accessories
With the small flower you could make a simple earrings, necklace and also brooch with the bigger size flower.

3. Fashion Embellishment

4. Gorgeous Lamp

Just found this recently and i think its so adorable! that would looks stunning as a house decor at night....

5. Cake Decoration

Looks elegant and yummy... its very common to use white Plumeria as wedding cake garnish but you could also use another bright color as red,blue or pink for another occasion like birthday, celebration and more.

6. Wedding Bouquet
7. Scrapbooking Embellishment

Instead of using dried flower these foam Frangipani flower are beautiful choice for your scrapbooking project. choose the color which suite your theme project and add ribbon, lace or else as personal touch.

8. Floating Decor

Fill the bowl with water and add some colorful Frangipani flower...makes your bath or spa activity relax and comfort.

Other than usefulness above Frangipani or Plumeria flower suitable for wedding decor, corsage, souvenir, ....and many other things. Use these beautiful flowers for any other project you could think of!



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