Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So about 5 days ago i am on vacation to beautiful bali island and i would love to share some great moments there..


This is me at Hard Rock Cafe Bali, the famous place near beach area. Its beautiful night and i would love to go back there again soon


This is the balcony view from hotel’s room i stay…its very beautiful and exotic, feels like paradise  :) i am not good writer to express my feelings but i am sure this picture tells all…



I also has a chance to visit sacred monkey forest sanctuary, in this place we just enter very exotic forest where all monkeys free running around near us! first time i bit scared but it seems the monkey not as scary as i thought…they are bit naughty actually lol!

As you can see my fiance suddenly got accompany by a curious and naughty monkey and there it goes…the monkey desperate looking for banana (which we run out of it) and take out all his pocket and throw it away!…bad monkey….bad monkey… :D



Inside the forest there is an ancient temple and exotic river, i feels like on some kind different world!




Title: The Story Of DRAMA QUEEN GUY …..LOL

Part I: At first he posed with very confidence looks..

Part II: And then he realize that he is side by side with 2 Giant Big Lizard…

Part II: So in the end he screamed like a little girl!  Geez  (>__<) 

hahahaha :D  (maybe he is to much watching Jurassic Park!)


hollyzhobby said...

What an awesome vacation, great photos.

Stephanie said...

What a great trip! I was in Bali when I was small, but I don't remember much. Great pics.

equivoque said...

I would love to be there with about 15 cameras!

equivoque from Etsy