Monday, March 2, 2009


If you take photographs of merchandise close up with a flash, keep the built in flash from over powering the photographs with glare. It’s the best to use a difusser over the built in flash,something transculent such as a piece of white sheet plastic.

If you use an independent flash unit ,don’t aim it directly at the item. Bounce it of the ceiling or wall so as to diffuse the light. You can also buy special white plastic diffusers for independent flash units.


Use a one-color plain cloth for the background. A busy background will be distracting in a photograph. A plain bed sheet spread over the back and seat of a chair or taped on the wall and floor makes a workable studio.


The way to take better photographs indoors is to use photo floodlights. Such floodlights are good for photographing almost anything indoors. They help reduce glare compared to a flash.


Outside,take your photographs on a bright overcast day. If you take photographs on a dull overcast day, they may be dull photographs.


The use of tripod is the mark of a professional and essential for items indoors and outdoors.


When shooting:

1 set up your lighting to avoid glare

2. use a tripod

3. focus carefully

4. fill the viewing frame with the item

5. take the shot

6. review your photograph on the LED screen (digital camera)


Shimmermeblue said...

Great tips. Thanks for sharing.

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Most agreed! Great tips, thanks for sharing!

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all good information!

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

Getting good photos is important but can be a little tricky. Thanks for the tips!