Sunday, December 21, 2008

A little bit about me :)

Hi all... just want to write a bit about myself :)
this is me (0n the left) with pink dress on my engagement party with my best friend diana.
We has been BFF since childhood and it looks like we are gonna stay for good in our hometown borneo. Let see...hmm...what can i say about myself? i am from ind0nesia and i love to do online selling and buying (which makes me a geeks because i am on front of computer all the time!) i love to create and design jewelry (my new passion) and already ship to worlwide like australia,US,UK and Canada.

I love dogs and has a dog named Bee, she is so cute and adorable! always been loyal and entertain to me , can't imagine live in my house without her around...its always good to have buddy who follow you around and make you not lonely :)

I am sorry if my english grammar is miserable :0 ...i hope you are not dizzy reading it lol

God bless


Good Dirt Jewelry said...

Thanks so much for the kind comments left on my blog :)

I really enjoyed visiting your beautiful blog!

Happy Holidays!