Sunday, December 21, 2008

This amazing colorful beads is my hot sales so far... i think its because the colors blends which is like rainbow. The proportion and combination colors is very bright and clear.
My customer loves this because so many color in it which makes them easier to combine with many kind colors of materials. Round shape and 11 mm diameter lampwork glass matererial would be perfect as necklace,bracelet or of my customer even use it as glass wine beaded marks so peoples drink glass won't mistaken :) what a clever idea!


AnniKae said...

Hi Melissa! I saw your post on the etsy forum and thought that I'd stop by your blog and check it out. It looks really nice. You're welcome to visti my blog anytime.
It's always exciting when someone stops by, so be sure to say 'hi' if you do.

Jeanne said...

These beads are beautiful! I'm already filled with ideas for them!