Friday, December 26, 2008

At first, before i am in love with jewelry making i also interest with exotic tribal art. Well since i live in borneo, i found it so many gorgeous arts like this wooden statue on the right. Its a "Hudoq" dragon dog god statue with vintage look.
Its very artistic and mysterious,the shape is natural handmade by dayak tribe. actually this statue is a box which you could put anything in it (like cigar). and it has a rope to carry like a bag...
I try to sell it on ebay for $ 85 with free shipping twice...and its not sold (probably because i am still new seller and have no feedback seller) So this ethnic piece is still waiting for someone who really appreciate and love art especially tribal art. The condition is really good at it is except for the inside beneath box is bit rustic.
I would love to make best offer just let me know!

Here is an Exotic Piece of Art called traditional "Hudoq" or dragon dog from borneo's culture in the form of a single piece wooden sculpture for those who have a real taste of rare and unique stuff.

This beautiful handmade wooden container is made from a single piece of wood. At glance it looks like TIKI sym
bol but its original dayak culture from borneo island.

Beside as a collectible sculpture or home decoration, this item also function as container or placed & has a rope to carry like bag.

Condition: good (except the bottom inside unpolished and bit rustic)

Weight: approx 550 Gram

Height : 9,36 inches
Width : 3,12 inches

Length : 5,46 inches

Just let me know if you intereseted! :)



Zentastic said...


I don't know anything about jewelry, but I'm originally from Kuching, so I think it's great that you're promoting this. Keep up the good work!