Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cute Kawaii DIY Japanese Food Sushi Miniature Felt Mascot

Size Box: 95x70x140 mm

You will receive very cute DIY Japanese Food Sushi Miniature Felt with 6 types of food:
- Roe sushi
- Egg sushi
- Fish sushi
- Shrimp sushi
- Salmon Sushi
- Laver Roll
Looks very yummy and cute decoration craft :)

SALE Very Cute DIY Kawaii Paper Craft Folding Star - Blue Teddy Bear Gift Box

Size: 45x60 mm
Contains: 8 types design of Glowing and shiny paper craft folding.There is instruction drawing on the box "how to make star"

You will receive this blue cute box with 8 different paper carft folding inside, used for making star craft.
- green hearts pattern
- just for you orange
- blue stars on silver
- miss you yellow
- good luck purple
- love you blue
- pink hearts
- good luck green

Traditionally this origami paper strips is used to make stars which believe can bring a luck in our life, just put or fill it in a glass bottle for good luck (also could use as filling on gift package!)
This origami paper is very fun and suitable for any other crafty projects that you could think of :)

NEW Special Very Cute Kawaii Korean Origami Memo Paper DIY Mix Set Of Cute Animal Different Design II

Size: 125x185 mm

You will receive very cute origami memo with many kind of different animal design which is very cute and kawaii.
There is cat,mouse,rose,fish,boxes,..etc all very colorful and fun to do it yourself :)
These are perfect for scrapbooking, collage or any project you can think of!


Creative Minds said...

You have great great stuff!!

cabin + cub said...

The felt sushi kit is sooo cute!

Sadao said...

My friend's daughter would love these DIY stuff.

Beverley Aylward said...

Great blog I will get my daughter on here, she loves making jewelry and will love your site saw you on blogcatalog and just thought I would visit and say Hi.
Love it

The_Frustrated_Writer said...

My gosh so kawaii! love 'em all!!

Krissy said...

The felt sushi looks so cute. lol I'm not into sushi (real sushi!) but the fake ones are cute. lol XD