Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This is my dog Kero , she is wearing red ji bao or traditional chinese clothes which my mom buy for her...she looks very cute right? now you know what i do on my spare or free time :) lol
yes i play with my dog or try to change their look everyday .....(sometimes it would make stressed away)
in the past on my chilhood chinese new year is the best holiday ever, because me and my sisters and cousins will got red cute envelope with money in it from our big families :)
but since i already grow up and consider as adult i never receive it again.
when i get merried that would be my turn to give red envelope with money in it to my nephew and niece. Its a chinese tradition to celebrate new year with share red envelope, its like a symbol of prosperity and believed will bring lucks in life.


From Athena's Desk said...

omg that IS cute!! haha

Joy Ribisi said...

oooh, she kind of looks like my dog! How cute!

threemoonbabies said...

Cute dog:)

renaye said...

eh??! i'm a working adult and i still get my angpao and i insisted because it's the tradition for non-married people. unless the family r in dire position then i won't insist. but still remind the married ones to stick to the tradition!

gosh. u should model ur dog!