Monday, January 26, 2009

This is 6 years old me among local dayak people in borneo island (primitive culture exhibition)
although i am bit afraid at first (they have very long ears and reminds me of wizard) they are very nice and friendly people. Their culture is amazing, the dance, the craft,the jewelry,the music instrument very unique and exotic :)







In borneo island ind0nesia, beads have played a very important role in the culture of the natives. The Kayan, Kenyah ect. (Orang Dayak) believed beads possess spiritual power and are used in healing rituals and weddings, funerals ceremonies. Borneo beads are really unique.It is also the symbol of the wealth and status of the owner. They are handmade and this one is an original borneo necklace which is over than 30 years old.

The beads stone material is like mix of porcelain,glass,nature stone and river stone, its rough and bit rusty. The colors is mix of very ethnic colors like black,yellow,green,red and gold. Its very rare and exotic beads.