Thursday, January 8, 2009

Are you origami lover? do you like DIY craft project? looking for a cute gift for children?
Here is the one of options for you :)

Size paper stripe: 10x250 mm each
very cute colorful mix and design of DIY (do it yourself) origami star paper strips. There is 10 types paper design and colors with several pcs paper each design. The cartoon is japanese famous monokuro boo a very sweet and cute piggie.
Traditionally this origami paper strips is used to make stars which believe can bring a luck in our life, just put or fill it in a glass bottle for good luck (also could use as filling on gift package!)
This origami paper is very fun and suitable for any other crafty projects that you could think of :)
use them as beads (cute project for both adults and kids!)
This set Origami Good Luck Stars could be found at my 2nd shop HodJewelry


kim* said...

i think origami is fun :)