Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Have you seen twilight?

I never read the novel before but a couple weeks ago i watch the movie in cinema... i found it pretty good movie actually, the story is very romantic and one thing i love about this movie is edward is soo cute :) he is the perfect choice for this part!
i am looking forward for the next movie, because i want to know the ending... just like harry potter twilight also have more than 2 episodes ( if i am not wrong there is 4 of them).
i hope bella and edward together and got their happy ending.... i hate movie with sad ending, makes me feel uneasy. if you have any comment about this movie don't hesitate to share :)
(give me spoiler if you read the novels lol )


Times And Chimes said...

Oh I love the Twilight series. I read all four books in very quick succession as they are very addicting and you just can't wait to begin the next after you finish one! As with all movie adaptations, the books are SOOOOO MUCH BETTER!!! I encourage you to read the series as there is just so much more depth, character development, and intensity within the pages. They just couldn't fit it all in the movie!

BorneoDiva said...

i want to read it too once i am not really busy. but the last episode novel is still on 31 january :)
i like this kind novel (i read 7 of happy potter novels)

BorneoDiva said...

i mean harry potter >__<

LB Accessories said...

I loved the twilight series, read them all and I thought they were really good! If you get a chance to read them they are better then the movie.

I also read the Harry Potter novels as well :)